KICK START Your Business!

EVERYTHING you need all in one place...

Want to start a new business? 

Confused about where to start?

Want to learn the business fundamentals on a flexible, online course?

Need practical advice and support of someone who has done this all before?

This programme includes answers to all of these questions and much more! 

I have faced some tough business challenges over the years when setting up my businesses. I have learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. I want to share that knowledge to make it easier for you.  Setting up a new business or running an existing one should be exciting and enjoyable, that's why we do it right?  

Though a series of weekly video trainings, bonus materials and homework assignments, l will guide you through the business fundamentals so you can enjoy the excitement of being a successful business owner and focus on your clients and making money. 

In the next 90 days we will cover the following key areas:

  • Getting clear on the core reasons for being a business owner

  • Getting a business model that is set up for success

  • Breaking down the key elements of your business so that it is easy to understand

  • Goal setting – what you need to know and how to ensure you reach them

  • How to sell, what to sell and who to sell to

  • How to manage your time and be more productive

  • Manage your business finances effectively

  • Transforming your vision to reality

Programme Description

  • 1
    MODULE 1 - Take a Step Back
  • 2
    Week 2 - Managing Your Time, Being Productive and Self Care
    • During our 2nd week together, we explore how to be in more control of our time, how to be more effective and use your time wisely and how to avoid stress during this exciting time of becoming an entrepreneur!
    • Week 2 - Managing Your Time and Self Care
    • Week 2 - Homework Assignments
  • 3
    Week 3 - Defining Your Business - in detail
    • In week 3, we will define your key offerings and services. Explore your story, style and approach. During this training, we will start you shape the image of your business and how it reflects you.
    • Defining your business model and all the key aspects of a successful business.
    • Week 3 - Homework Assignments
  • 4
    Week 4 - Who is your ideal client and how to reach them?
    • In week 4, we get very clear about your target audience, client segmenting and how to attract them to your business...
    • Kickstart_module4
    • Week 4 - Homework Assignments
    • Audience Profiling
  • 5
    Week 5 - It's all about the money, the money....!
    • In week 5, we will undertake a look at the money elements, selling and pricing strategies for your business
    • Kickstart_module5
    • Week 5 - Homework Assignments
    • Pricing Strategies
  • 6
    Week 6 - Making Your Vision A Reality
    • Time to tap into your creative thinking this week!
    • Practical exercises and advice on bringing your business to life using a Vision Board for your business!
    • Week 6 - Homework Assignments
  • 7
    Week 7 - Branding for Your Business
    • Getting to the HEART of your business - Branding!
    • Time to dive into the heart of branding and what it means for your business...
    • Week 7 - Homework Assignments
  • 8
    Week 8 - How to best sell your business, services or products
    • This week we examine your sales process, strategy and personal style
    • Selling Mindset, Your Selling Style and how to put a Sales Strategy together for your business
    • Week 8 - Homework Assignments
  • 9
    Week 9 - Marketing and Advertising Strategies
    • We dive in and design your Marketing and Advertising Strategies
    • Marketing and Advertising - how to design your Campaigns
    • KICK START Week 9 Assignments
  • 10
    Week 10 - How to launch your business!
    • This week we put together your 'Launch Strategy'
    • Strategy Video on how to launch your Business - Different Approaches
    • Week 10 - Homework Assignments
  • 11
    Week 11 - Future Target and Goals - Expansion for the Future
    • As we approach the end of our programme together, we set targets and goals for the future of your business
    • Expansion for the Future
    • Goal and Target Setting Exercise
  • 12
    Week 12 - Final Week - we recap, revisit and some final touches to set you on your successful way!
    • Final Wisdoms and Advice from Claire
    • A Surprise Topic for our Last Week!
    • One last homework assignment


Grace Favaro


Grace Favaro

An invaluable resource in drawing out ideas and in helping me to build a picture of what could be achieved. In addition to the professionalism and insightfulness, Claire really cares about the success of her clients.

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